Izaya Orihara is 34 years old can we let that sink in


but the novel and the anime timeline are

Does this make Shizuo an old fart too?

I’m pretty sure it’s 23


Can we all take a moment to appreciate the beauty of trail cam deer


i dont even interpret “uwu” as a smiley i just read it as “oo woo”


Here you go! Out of the kindness of my heart I handmade a FREE PRINTABLE TEMPLATE AND INTSTRUCTIONS FOR 3D MANEUVER GEAR! It is just the back piece but I will do more tutorials and templates when I am not BROKE because that took me several hours to make. 

If some people buy commissions of the gear from me (send an ask if you are interested) I will make tutorials for the other parts of the gear and stuff (maybe even costume pattern if I make enough money). 

I did all of the math for you (stay in school kids, one day you will need that calculus and geometry homework) so it should be pretty easy, but if you have questions or a problem or just want to pay me to do it for you, send me an ask. 

Good luck!


Having some wig styling troubles? LOOK NO FURTHER!


dont talk shit about my shitty country only people who live here can do that

So gay marriage has been legal in England for almost an hour.



In that time the fires of hell have burned through ground. My house collapsed. All babies have become homosexuals with no concept of morality. God has disowned us. Strange lizard men have started taking over parliament. The undead have woken and are on a mission of destruction. My eyeballs have burst. And ducks are speaking latin. 

I live in Ireland and can confirm this is 100% true, we can hear all of the screams from here.


a sentence i thought i would never read in my life


a sentence i thought i would never read in my life